the movable articles that are used to make a room or building suitable for living 

The statement chair. The wow headboard. From simple shapes to standout silhouettes, from bold colour to quiet shades and pattern combined with luxurious fabrics .   The studio creates tailor-made one of kind printed fabrics for your furniture.  Tailor-made offers the opportunity to develop a truly unique  piece, not just in pattern but in material, detail and finishing.

Akin to commissioning a tailored suit we examine the form of the piece and create a one-off digital placement print that will compliment the form. The aim is to produce this with as little waste as possible. Working with skilled UK upholsterers to create these individual works. We can print onto a variety of materials including Fire Rated fabrics, leathers and velvet.  Please get in touch to discuss your project. 


Working on a set of four Bauhaus style chairs. Emma created four designs that complimented each other but all one of a kind fabrics.  Backs and Fronts, side panels and arms all had an individual print composed for them to provide interest all the way around the form of the chairs.  The collection is not intended to match but compliments each other or can work individually. These pieces can have interest at any angle. Furniture does not need to be against the wall they can become the feature within the room and help to define a space, with this in mind the pattern changes around the form to create 3d artworks. To view the collection and to purchase please visit www.studioelizabethrose.com


Always looking for new and creative ideas, the studio explores alternatives to a standard headboards. By designing placement print for traditional traditional upholstery techniques for headboards such as pull button and deep pull. We believe it is an opportunity to create a truly artistic statement piece that provides  both comfort and visual interest within the sleeping space.